Clois Burgess

District Royal Ranger Commander

Went To Caprock and graduated in 72. Graduated from West Texas in 76. Have been married to my wife for 40 years.
Started working with Royal Rangers in 1979. Served as FCF President, FCF Scribe, and North Plains Sectional Commander. Am currently the District Royal Ranger Director and Senior Outpost Director at San Jacinto.


Where were you born? Elk City, OK
Number of years in Ministry? 35
Where do you serve? San Jacitno Assembly of God & West Texas District 
Life Motto: Be Happy


Place(s) to pray: Wherever I am
Book of the Bible: Psalms
Scripture: John 3:16
Book (Other than the Bible): 
Food: Ham
Music Artist: Gaithers
TV Show: Wheel of Fortune
Sports Team: Denver Broncos

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